Deciphering the Cyphers: Hoodies and the culture of rap music

The culture of the cyphers is as old as hip-hop and rap music. Through this art, many hip-hop legends gained popularity and became stars. To cypher means to rap in a competition where rappers form a tight circle where each person gets a moment in the spotlight. It is an art in freestyling where rappers playfully spit out lyrics while carefully considering all the sounds, meanings, and interpretations. It is an art of self-representation and collaboration, which entails that the rapper sometimes aggressively claims their voice and right to speak.

In recent years, the cypher has also grown to include spectators who help maintain the energy and vigour of a given cypher. At cypher competitions, one rapper will rap about a topic, after which the other rapper will take up the rap, bouncing off the prior words and themes. Each artist takes turns until one rapper runs out of flow. The circle can go on continuously as long as rappers and the crowd keep the fluidity of the cypher going. The cypher is energetic, edgy, inclusive, and improvisational in nature.

Freestyling, storytelling, attitude, and even dressing were essential to success as a “rapper” as they were one-way artists got their names and developed a fan base. 

Dressing was particularly essential, as hoodies were known as the wear of choice for cyphers due to their association with hip-hop music. Also, with Inclusion and Diversity represented in all spheres of life, especially in dressing, the hoodie has been redesigned, and its representation in hip-hop music has accommodated its changing look, style, and design. 

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