Skateboarders and graffiti artists in the 1970s adopted the hoodie as their attire of choice. At this time, these subcultures grew and expanded in the US. The graffiti culture flourished in the 1970s in New York, with crews like the Rolling Thunder Writers and artists like Lady Pink and Daze using the city as a canvas. Artists relied on the hoodie to help conceal their identities when painting in restricted areas and keep them warm while working through the cold New York nights.

Furthermore, many cities in the US have imposed bans on skateboarding since the mid-60s. This ban has resulted in a loss of skate parks in the US, leading skateboarders to seek alternative terrain for their art. Wearing the hoodie has helped skateboarders conceal their identity when sneaking into empty swimming pools and other illicit skating areas. 

Jean Michel Basquiat is a graffiti artist and is considered one of the leading street artists of all time, even more than thirty years after his death. His street art emerged from New York’s underground punk culture, and his neo-expressionist artwork brought him considerable mainstream success. His work was routinely exhibited in leading art galleries. Today, his works are printed on t-shirts and hoodies across the globe.

Hoodies have taken on distinct meanings in today’s subculture. Like denim, plaid, and grunge, which were adopted into mainstream fashion due to their associations with the working classes, the hoodie carries meanings that make it enduring. The hoodie is also a symbol of power. It is often said that Mark Zuckerberg wears a hoodie to board meetings as a way of asserting his authority. This means that if you can afford to wear a hoodie in a business meeting, you must be the undisputed boss.

In its earliest days, the hoodie represented some sort of power play on the streets. This is because the people who wore them were street role models. Graffiti artists kept low profiles wearing hoodies, and dancers wore hoodies to stay warm before they hit the floor. 

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