Popular culture, otherwise known as pop culture, dates back to the 1950s
and refers to instruments of mass appeal that have gained popularity over time. It reflects society, capturing the trends, attitudes, and values at the time.

The most common pop-culture categories are movies, music, television, video games, sports, and social media. Popular culture also transcends slang, greeting rituals, and fashion.

In the 90s, hoodies became popular and were a choice fashion item for graffiti artists who sought to express their edginess while remaining anonymous. Skateboarders also wore baggy cotton hoodies for comfort and style because art and fashion were outlets for their rebellious attitude. Furthermore, high-profile designers like Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Tommy Hilfiger featured the hoodie in their collections. In time, hoodies became associated with rap artists who embraced the anti-formal look rather than donning business suits and formal wear.

Also, since the 2010s, hoodies have become a common sight in the Tech world, where the dress code is more relaxed. Tech company executives embrace comfort and casual everyday wear, making the hoodie a choice attire for them. The hoodie became the unofficial tech uniform when Mark Zuckerberg shared that grey t-shirts and hoodies were the only items in his wardrobe. It’s safe to say that hooded sweatshirts will continue to hold significance in modern life as more people embrace comfort in their everyday wear.
Also, some research on the hoodie as an intervention for autism states that hoodies can reduce some of the sensory overwhelm children living with autism experience when they are in unfamiliar environments. The hoodies help them regain their focus and feel comfortable and calm.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, who is famous for combining luxury with street fashion, made a diamond-studded hoodie, which the Victoria & Albert Museum in London acquired. Wearing hoodies under a blazer has become fashionable, especially among Instagram celebrities and sports stars like LeBron James. This trend is believed to originate from DeMatha High School.

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